The Toff
By RJ Davin

The setting is Victorian London in the 1890's and centres round a gang of petty criminals of which the Toff is a member. 'The Toff' whose real name is Jack Stevens is the main character of the story, he is called 'The Toff' because of his stylish attire. He is always accompanied by his cat 'Amber.' The leader of the gang Joseph Binn, is invited by two mysterious strangers to join in a daring robbery.

Available in Paperback and Amazon Kindle
Reason to buy

If you enjoy a good humorous story then you will enjoy this book, it has humour, mystery and quirky characters. It has an historical setting in Victorian London in the 1890’s and a likeable main character in The Toff, Jack Stevens and his cat Amber. The Toff is part of an inept gang of petty criminals hoping to bring off a big robbery, but there is a rather more sinister plot involving this robbery. A good read for a late night.

What they Say?

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About the Author

RJ Davin was born and lives in Sydney. He has written and published 4 books so far. Three comedies: Manners Manor, A Haddington Manifestation and his latest The Toff. He has also written a novel of WW1 called The Worst Day. He loves reading and writing and has been writing all his life. He loves the written word and is interested in everything, politics, history, world events and especially humour